Country: China
Year: 2014

Baidu – the Chinese Google – has unveiled a pair of ‘smart chopsticks’ that can detect contaminants in food
The chopsticks can detect the freshness of cooking oil by measuring indicators such as its pH level, peroxide value, temperature, the precise heat of various foods, as well as nutrients and sell-by date


  • Baidu Kuaisou is a pair of smart chopsticks equipped with high-tech sensors using infrared spectroscopy that scans for contamination in cooking oil and will alert the user with more information via a smartphone app
  • Certain criteria include scanning the oil’s temperature and any contaminants
  • The sticks will flash blue if the food is safe to consume, and flash red if anything is flagged as unsafe for consumption. More information will then be pushed to the user’s smartphone
  • The chopsticks flash a red light when cooking oil has a higher than 25% level of total polar materials which is an indicator of freshness

How to use it

This video shows a demo of how Smart Chop Sticks work.


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