Country: Netherlands
Year: 2003

  • Use a turnkey platform to enrich and facilitate financial services customer personalization.
  • Provide an unique platform with customer details that fits multiple devices.


  • Backbase is a software company that provides portal unifying content and functionalities in an easy to use interface, simple, personal on any device, anywhere.
  • Backbase provides a turnkey e-banking platform to financial institutions that it is highly customizable from both banks and clients.
  • Customers can create personalized home pages or dashboards. They can also edit the portal environment to fit their needs and wishes. Backbase empowers customers to enable and disable widgets and define customized views for the content and functions they use most frequently.

Consumer benefits 

  • The platform is adaptable to any SI and this implementation takes only few weeks in a multi-device & OS environment
  • Customizable from client and institution side
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper

How to use it

  • This is a video where the co-founder of the company present Backbase

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