Country: UK
Year: 2012

  • Launched in 2012, Azimo is an online money transfer company, allowing customers to send money to more than 5 billion people in 190 countries, from any device connected to the Internet. Transactions costs are up to 85% lower than those charged by traditional money transfer players or banks
  • Azimo recently partnered with Facebook to integrate Azimo into Facebook Messenger, enabling customers to transfer money directly from the social network
  • A mobile application is available on iOS and Android allowing customers to transfer money across the world

Consumer Benefits:

  • Reduced costs: cheaper than traditional banking fees for money transfer (85% cheaper)
  • Safe & Secure: using the same security as banks, Azimo is a secure solution
  • Easy to Use: whether on mobile application or desktop, money transfer could be made in 3 steps (choose recipient, enter amount, confirm and pay)

How To Use:

  • Users can sign up with Facebook account, Google or Email address through the website or they can download the mobile application
  • The first transfer is free, users need to provide details such as the delivery method (Bank Transfer or SWIFT) the currency and the country
  • Then, users provide account details (IBAN), press continue and confirm their money transfer


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