Country: US
Year: 2008


  • Ayasdi developed a B2B AML platform solution dedicated to financial services, healthcare and public sectors.
  • The Ayasdi’s Model Accelerator solution dedicated to financial institutions is intelligent and learning. Ayasdi platform optimize the Anti Money Laundering process and makes it more efficient.
  • Ayasdi’s platform is intelligent as it adapts to new regulation by identifying new data, new patterns and updates itself to respond to new changes.
  • Ayasdi has raised $106M.

Consumer Benefits

  • High end technology: Ayasdi’s platform uses one of the most significant technological advancements in data analysis. It allows Ayasdi to greatly reduce false positives.
  • Transparency:  During the model creation process, everything is documented automatically.
  • Easyness of use: Ayasdi put emphasis on the user experience aspect of its intelligent application. Analysts, data scientists, and IT groups can leverage Ayasdi’s AI platform to build business-specific intelligent applications using a pre-built library of UI components.

How To Use

  • Ayasdi is a cloud based platform, Ayasdi also develops in partnership with the client the intelligent applications built on the AI platform


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