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Year: 1994

  • AXA IM intends to reinforce their position in Europe while expanding their footprint globally including capturing opportunities in selected high growth markets such as Latin America and Canada, pushing into new markets as it tries to gain assets in the Americas
  • AXA IM also will complete its distribution coverage in targeted countries (e.g.: Nordics)
  • By following a Segmented Approach, AXA IM would retain the focus on Defined Benefit but accelerate on Defined Contribution
  • AXA IM aims to deepen its’ footprint in wholesale while investing in a limited number of selected retail markets

Digital Transformation Plan

  • To remain a leader on the insurance market and answer to new digital needs, AXA committed to a global digital transformation program
  • This transformation was initiated about 7 years ago starting with the education of Management, with a clear acceleration over the last 4 years
  • AXA decided to gather its digital activities to:
    • Align entities on a common vision
    • Steering initiatives & budgets
    • Becoming the center of expertise for all entities
    • Centralizing all innovations and supervising the sector watch
  • AXA implemented a common roadmap and governance defining targets
  • AXA organized itself to become digital focused:
    • Recruitment of a digital expert as Group Chief Digital Officer
    • Sponsorship of the Global Digital Transformation Program by the Group Chief Operational Officer
  • The EUR 200 million of AXA Strategic Ventures will be invested in innovations not only in the field of insurance, savings & banking but also in a number of connected sectors such as health and asset management. They invested in start-ups like FundShop, Particeep, Widmee, Flyr and ClimateSecure
  • AXA Factory is a EUR 10 million accelerator dedicated to innovative start-ups in Insurance Tech and Fin Tech industries
    • The start-ups supported by AXA Factory benefit from the distribution network of AXA – present in 56 countries and among 102 million clients globally
    • AXA also offers the infrastructure, consulting and financing to the start-ups it supports, while searching for creating direct and indirect synergies with its’ main activities

Keywords: insurance; innovations centralization; recruitment of digital expert; start-ups sponsorship; client expertise; acceleration on the mobile-front; multi-access distribution model

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