Country: United States  
Year: 2014

AWAIR is a device that controls the quality of the air surrounding the user. 


  • AWAIR tracks the air elements that might have an impact on the user’s health: dust, toxic chemicals, CO2, temperature and humidity
  • The user can enter in the App the parameters he wants to enhance: cope with allergies, sleep better, be more productive etc.
  • If there is a problem, AWAIR sends the user a notification on his smartphone and gives suggestions to solve it
  • It also connects to other devices in a smart home such as: air purifiers, smart thermostats, and humidifiers to fix the problems

Consumer Benefits 

  • The user will have real time access to the air quality, be able to monitor it, analyze it overtime and receive recommendations on how to improve it
  • The consumer will have better physical health conditions by reducing the risk of getting sick

How to use 

  • The device is directly linked to the App on the user’s smartphone and to other smart home devices to fix problems
  • The user can enter what he wants to focus on (allergies, sleep, work) in the App

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