Country: USA
Year: 2012


  • Avant is a private lender based in Chicago Illinois operating in the financial technology space.
  • Avant uses algorithms, machine learning, and analytics to judge a potential borrower’s worthiness as well as their potential risk of default.
  • The company has made over 1 billion dollars in loans since its inception in 2012 from internal fund raising. This is not another peer to peer lender.

Consumer Benefits

  • Access: The goal of Avant is to open up credit markets to borrowers, offer more competitive rates, and more timely capital.
  • Support: They offer 24/7 support for their customers and potential customers to help them with any issues they might be having in regards to their loan.
  • Transparency: Avant’s rates are advertised on their website before the loan is agreed to and there are no prepayment penalties or hidden fees.

How To Use

  • Check your borrowing rate online first, by submitting the usual loan information as well as some other personal information.
  • Avant analyzes the data using a proprietary algorithm and machine learning to gauge the borrowers credit worthiness and their default potential.
  • The customer will e-sign the contract online.
  • Funds are available the next business day.


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