Country: Israel
Year: 2015

Argus enables carmakers to protect technologically advanced connected vehicles from current and future malicious attacks.


  • Argus provides carmakers with a unique Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) which prevents a vehicle’s critical components from being hacked in real-time
  • The Argus IPS also generates reports and alerts for remote monitoring of a vehicle’s cyber health
  • Malicious attacks are identified by utilizing Argus patent-pending Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) algorithms

Consumer Benefits

  • Optimal threat detection: The solution using the DPI algorithms stop a hacker’s attack without causing dangerous distractions for the end user. When it detects suspicious activity, it contains and blocks it without disturbing the system
  • Easy integration: It can be integrated in existing production lines without any architecture changes and can also remotely monitor a car’s health
  • Quick response to new threats: To respond quickly to an attack the Argus system is constantly up to date using the Argus Secure Cloud servers and real-time Over-The-Air (OTA) updates

How to use 

  • Argus IPS inside Aftermarket Telematics products can be installed in automobile connected objects that don’t already have an existing layer of protection. Otherwise, automobile manufacturers can integrate the tool during the manufacturing phase
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