Country: USA
Year: 2017


  • Aragon Core is a decentralized app (Dapp) to run Blockchain organizations.
  • The Aragon Network is the first DAO whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction that makes it extremely easy and friendly for organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors to operate.
    • The Aragon Network has its own token, ANT, which is used to govern every single aspect of its functioning.
  • Aragon companies are powered by Ethereum
  • Issue and grant stock, own and transfer shares freely, vote every decision – votes are secure, transparent and impossible to forge. Assign roles and benefit from rock-solid automatic accounting.

Consumer Benefits

  • Customizable & Hackable:
    • You can modify all the rules of how actions are decided and triggered
    • And if you are a coder, you can even modify the code that governs your company.
  • Access: Raise capital from anyone in the world, in seconds., avoiding useless intermediaries
  • Token Functionality: token holders able to:
    • Change subscription fees and minting rate
    • decide which services to provide
    • Vote on capital allocations or investments
    • self-upgrade the Network
    • All other voting and governance decisions

How To Use

  • Go online to and download Aragon Core, the decentralized app to run any type of Blockchain organization
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for easy use


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