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Year: 2013

  • Apvera’s advanced analytics equip businesses with smart tools to prevent security breaches and tackle data and network security challenges arising from cybersecurity advances such as digitalization and cloud computing
  • The company was awarded a grant of S$500,000 under Spring Singapore’s Technology Enterprise Commercialization Scheme in 2014. Apvera is also a part of several prestigious accelerator programmes like Telstra’s muru-D, Microsoft’s BizSpark and DBS’ DBS Accelerator


  • Apvera’s software, Apvera Insight, focuses on security intelligence for enterprises through the use of real-time adaptive and behavioural analytics that track user behaviour and their interactions with various tools and applications used by them at enterprise level
  • The real-time behavioural analytics capability within the Apvera system allows it to learn changes within the network usage and model routine or standard user behaviours based on employee activities
  • Based on these behavioural insights and usage patterns, Apvera is able to detect anomalies or unusual behaviours on the company networks, thus protecting the company from insider threats ranging from data thefts and privacy breaches to financial frauds
  • The Apvera solutions are being offered to businesses and institutions in various industries, such as financial services, healthcare, public sector and technology

Consumer Benefits
The Apvera insider threat solutions software provides:

  • Activity Oversight: Apvera Insight’s smart tools are able to read, learn and classify various types of information required to monitor and track user activities on devices, apps and keyboards. This also includes the use of behavioural analytics in detection of anomalous employee behaviour
  • Data Governance: The Apvera analytics allow companies to understand the flow of data within their own networks and applications, thus uncovering key insights to assess sensitive data exposures and strengthen existing data governance policies

How to use it

  • The image below illustrates the three main steps involved in Apvera Insight’s threat mitigation life cycle:

how it works

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