Country: United Statesaprilinternational
Year: 2013

  • The application provides practical information about unknown areas. Expatriate are reassured in case of medical issues


  • April international Expat’s app helps to deal with issues that might be faced as an expatriate in every day life or in case of an emergency
  • User experience:
    • Expatriate has access to a set of practical medical information about the host country (international airports, doctor consultations fees, quality of the care network…)
    • Customer can organize its research using the research options: type of hospital, language spoken, full address…
    • Customer is oriented to emergency services: the phone number of medical emergencies, police or fire services is provided by country. The closest ones are geo-localized by the application
  • Features:
    • Provide medical tips to customers, and information about the medical facilities
    • Information about April partners abroad
    • Customers can leave comments about the health professionals abroad
    • Glossary of medical terms in 13 languages
    • Free access to a medical database including 1000 hospitals worldwide

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