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Year: 2013

Anycoin Direct is a fast and secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Consumers buy and sell directly to the platform, which then trades coins with other exchanges.


  • Anycoin Direct is an online platform where customers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, dash, etc.
  • Direct payment options makes transaction easy and fast
  • Cryptocurrency transaction is made simple and accessible for consumers in Netherlands and Europe

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy: The platform is user friendly. Customers can get the assistance of AnyCoin Direct representatives simply by skype or chat, whenever needed
  • Fast: Once a successful payment was made, the coins are sent to the customer within 12 hours for small sell orders and within one hour for sell orders above €1000
  • Secure: AnyCoin Direct use the latest safety technologies to guarantee secure transactions

How it works

  1. To prevent fraud, AnyCoin Direct introduced account levels that give access to different amount of money. To increase the purchase limit, customers have to go through the fast validation process
  2. Customers make an order on the online platform
  3. Once the payment is received, the coins will be sent to the client’s account automatically
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