Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2014


  • ANX is a FinTech company based in Hong Kong specialized in digital assets innovation and helping its clients understand and integrate Blockchain technology
  • ANX has now reoriented its business around 3 axes:
    • Blockchain,
    • Payments and
    • Next Commerce Solutions, to make digital assets easily accessible to all
  • The firm is the largest Blockchain service provider in the world with Digital Assets White Label solutions, and their new ABS platform (ANX Blockchain Services) that allows customers to create Blockchain applications instantly at no cost (e.g. loyalty application, payment application, token systems, voucher systems, coupon application, registry systems, etc.)
  • ANX launched a physical store of digital assets in order to offer customers direct access to buying bitcoin (instead of going through an online exchange, which takes time)
  • ANX has also launched a Bitcoin debit card that can be used worldwide – ANX customers load their cards from bitcoin balances (bitcoins amounts are converted to USD when the card is loaded) and it can therefore be accepted at any merchant that accept debit cards and at regular ATMs to withdraw cash

Consumer Benefits

  • Blockchain expertise: ANX the largest Blockchain service provider in the world
  • Flexibility: with ABS packages and add-on options, companies can customize their services to adapt them to their needs
  • No fees: the Standard ABS package allows anyone to create Blockchain applications for free

How To Use

  • For Payment and Next Commerce Solutions users have to contact the Sales department through their website
  • For the ABS platform, customers can sign-up online for free and have access to different option packages at different prices


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