Country: Switzerland                                                                                                                

Year: 2015


  • Anivo combines an innovative online insurance comparison tool with individual insurance expertise
  • It compares and advises clients about the Swiss insurance companies without any external interference and with costs/fees transparency.
  • Anivo is a FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) regulated insurance broker

Consumer Benefits

  • Free individual advisory service: users can send their own insurance policy and receive feedback. In addition, Anivo’s experts can be called personally and for free
  • Short comparison process: able to compare a wide range of insurances’ prices in roughly two minutes
  • Independent insurance broker: receive objective and independent advice from Anivo’s experts, without ties to any insurance company

How to use

  • The user can go to and fill in basics information about its insurance model in order to compare insurance prices
  • The user can also take a photo or a scan of its insurance policy and send it to Anivo.
  • Alternative offers are sent back to the user via email
  • A free online Service Center is also available in order to get info such as filling a claim, customers’ insurance rights, etc.


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