Country: United Statesalphapack
Year: 2015


  • AlphaPack focuses on users’ financial goals and what they really care about, providing them personalized advice that is easy to understand and implement.
  • AlphaPack is designed to be white-labelled, which enables it to be embedded with existing online banking systems and helps financial institutions deepen their relationship with existing customers. Users can enter the application via their typical online banking dashboard.
  • The application helps financial institutions increase revenues by recommending products to customers and providing analytics for sales discovery.

Consumer Benefits

  • Cross-sell opportunities: AlphaPack’s web services provide cross-channel integration with financial institutions’ existing digital, branch, and customer-support resources
  • Personalized: AlphaPack is integrated with  financial institutions’ online banking systems to provide users with  personalized banking recommendations
  • Lower cost: the web services reduce integration cost by providing open API.

How to use

  • First-time users will be asked to provide information about their financial goals and get started by choosing what they are saving for, such as emergency, vehicle, real estate down payment, education, retirement down payment.
  • Users are then asked to provide details about their expected purchases and investments.
  • If users are unsure about the investments’ value with the appropriate down payments, AlphaPack will help them figure it out by providing integrated calculators on the banks website.
  • Users can also check their goals, net worth history and project future, and monitor their credit scores with the application


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