Country: South Africa alllife
Year: 2009

  • New product offering targeting suffering from HIV
  • Offer additional banking services to insurance coverage
  • Use SMS to contact clients is a good way to connect people and ensure a recurring follow up


  • AllLife has created a product for the people suffering from HIV, in opposition to other companies who limit their offer to funeral insurance for this segment of customers.
  • By subscribing to this insurance, clients have to make regular blood tests and to follow a therapy.
  • AllLife checks that his clients are respectful of their treatment (recurring visits to medical professionals) . All Life send to the client an SMS reminder of their medical meetings. They are called to order when they miss the meetings.
  • The insurance fees are 2 to 5 times higher than standard insurances ($40 by month to have a $40 000 cover)
  • At the same time, clients can access to several services. They can subscribe to a mortgage or start their own firm.
  • Results have shown positive benefits : + 15% of Alllife subscribers have shown a better health within 6 months

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