Country: GermanyAllianz
Year: Allianz – 1998, PIMCO – 1971

  • Allianz Asset Management includes AllianzGI and PIMCO
    • Allianz Global Investors proposes a client-centric approach that delivers customized solutions by advising, constructing and delivering products, strategies and solutions that meet investor’s needs
    • PIMCO believes that an informed macroeconomic outlook – over long- and short-term horizons – is key to identifying opportunities and risks
  • Allianz AM group focuses on risk management and sustainable investment performance as well as importance on proprietary research (quantitative, data analysis etc.), in addition to on-the-ground knowledge of local markets and industries (tech sector in Silicon Valley…)

Digital Vision

  • Both Allianz and PIMCO have been actively attempting to engage themselves in the digital sphere with several initiatives such as setting up partnerships with social business platforms, launching applications and enriching branded content
  • Basic iPad applications such as Retirement Goal Planning give clients an additional point of access to reach out to the company, from the comfort of their homes and gadgets
  • Social business platforms let the company engage both clients and employees in a common dialogue on an intranet platform
  • PIMCO has a range of mobile apps and tools for their sales teams and distributors in order to always be able to access company information
  • Digital governance in both Allianz GI and PIMCO is more concentrated on digital media and less on customer experience

Recent Initiatives

  • Allianz GI rolled out Hearsay Social Platform to power innovative social business program
    • AllianzGI has embraced social media by empowering their sales organizations to engage with their clients around thought leadership, investment research and strategies while meeting regulatory requirements
    • Hearsay Social’s experience supporting compliance on social media will enable AllianzGI to build a successful social media program
    • Hearsay Social provides the Predictive Social Suite that enables advisors and agents to engage with their audiences through advisor websites and social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+; all from a single easy-to-use dashboard
  • PIMCO overhauled website and added mobile apps to expand reach to clients
    • PIMCO has recently undergone a corporate rebranding exercise with the objective of creating a new digital experience to reflect its forward-thinking values. In addition to that, PIMCO increased the functionality and productivity of, the site for financial advisors
    • They enriched the user access to include investment advisory and mutual fund tools and content. A new site structure with a more robust and direct user experience dramatically increased the visibility of PIMCO’s thought leadership and other investor materials
    • New mobile apps and solutions were introduced that allow internal sales teams & representatives to always stay connected to company information
  • Allianz Digital Accelerator builds new business models for Allianz and accelerates their execution and implementation
    • The Digital Accelerator is focused on sustaining a culture of innovation, improving customer experience and producing change driven by digital initiatives
    • The core beliefs of Digital Accelerator are speed and execution in decision making, executing, iterating and bringing new services to customers

Keywords: social platform; mobile application; social media; rebranding; investment advisory

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