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Country:  France
Year: 2013
Partner with insurance players to offer to final customer a new product and facilitate the insurance / assistance service delivery.


  • The solution designed by Allianz, in partnership with Amazon, is based on the dominant position of the online website. This initiative is called Allianz Solution Remplacement and is an agreement between the insurer and the policy holder.
  • This solution is fully available on the Internet.
  • The policyholder can replace his stolen or destroyed goods on Amazon: the financial compensation can be spend on Amazon. In addition, the insured can benefit:
    • Simplicity 1 call, 1 clic
    • Immediate availability of the solution on
    • Access to a large choice of new products
    • Access to second hand market
    • Free shipping of Amazon products
    • Amazon SAV
  • This type of compensation is innovative because of all the associated services, proposed by Amazon.


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