Country: France
Year: 2015


  • Alan is an independent 100% online health insurance company  for corporates established in 2015
  • The French start-up offers online subscriptions without any commitment to its services with a unique price rate
  • Alan recently launched a new service on the same basis of its corporate offer dedicated to freelance and independent workers to follow evolutions of the labour market
  • Individual price is defined by the average age of workers within the company, from €55 for less than 36 years old to €85 between 55 to 65 years old
  • In October 2016, Alan raised $13m from CNP Assurances, Partech Ventures and others to achieve its goal to lead the small, medium-sized and independent companies market

Consumer Benefits

  • Facilitates communication: by using only online solutions (subscription, documents transfer,…)
  • Time saving: Alan manages the unsubscription from your previous healthcare provider, but also allows employees to open an account on their own
  • Enhanced user experience: with clear and user friendly reporting tools

How to use it

  • Users click on Alan’s website to create an account in less than 5 minutes
  • Alan offers instantly health coverage after susbcription
  • Users use their smartphone to send photos of receipts and display their Alan insurance card
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