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Country: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
Year: 2013

  • Innovative technology not only can significantly generate sales, it can also act as a motivation booster for the sales force and be a great recruitment tool which attracts the next generation of advisors
  • Innovative technology can shorten throughput, reduce costs and enhance customer experience


  • Interactive point-of-sales (iPoS) provides an offline one-stop, end-to-end solution from sales introduction to application submission
  • It has an easy-to-use interface design that was tested with advisors to ensure that the app will meet their needs
  • Since its launch, one country has seen 80% of new business coming in from iPoS within 12 months and in another country more than 30% after 3 months
  • The figure below provides a summary of the functionalities available:


Consumer benefits

The major benefits of the app to AIA are: shortened throughput with minimal interaction between agent and underwriter, enablement of straight-through cases with less underwriting and validation work, reduction in printing costs as documentation is all done online.


Keywords: real time, simple

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