Country: USA
Year: 2011


  • AdhereTech smart wireless pill bottles collect and send all adherence data in real-time. The system automatically analyzes this information and populates the data on a secure dashboard.
  • If doses are missed, patients can receive customized alerts and interventions – using automated phone calls, text messages, and more.
  • AdhereTech smart wireless pill bottles are currently being used by patients in pharmaceutical and research engagements.

Consumer Benefits

  • Improve adherence to specialty medications, resulting in healthier patients and increased sales.
  • Works the moment the patient receives it: Bottles automatically connect and send data with zero set-up (no assembly, downloads, or syncing required).
  • Real-time adherence data: All information is automatically populated on the secure dashboard.

How To Use

  • Zero Patient Setup – immediately and automatically sends data from anywhere in the world
  • Used just like a regular pill bottle with a standard child-resistant cap
  • Bottles are rechargeable just like cell phones, and can be used for up to 5 years


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