Country: USA 21inc
Year: 2013

  • Bitcoin democratization: with such hardware, bitcoin mining will become accessible to non-experts.
  • Bitcoin stability: the development of 21 Inc. and bitcoin related hardware will strengthen the « honest » community of miners and make block fraud more expensive and difficult.


  • The 21 Bitcoin computer includes an embeddable bitcoin chip with native hardware and software support for bitcoin protocol.
  • The hardware can either be used to mine a stream of small amounts of bitcoin for development purposes, or as software using a micropayments-capable server to sell digital goods online for bitcoin.
  • It is designed for developers to easily build bitcoin-payable apps, services and devices.
  • 21 Inc. has filed a patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for a form of digital currency mining circuitry which is currently pending approval.

Consumer Benefits

  • Pre-configured: the computer arrives with bitcoin-dependent software and a 128 GB SD card with a full copy of the blockchain meaning users can start mining or trading straightaway.

How to use

  • The device can be operated alone as a standalone computer or plugged into any Windows, Mac or Linux machine.
  • Items included are a WiFi adapter, USB-laptop cable and power supply.

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