Coqonut, 1st cryptocurrency “fast-track” project completed by ALPHA

The Coqonut project was suggested to ALPHA in January 2018 at its inception stage. The team was looking for wealth management skills, that proved difficult to find in the market. The product, which has been accelerated since then, has just been launched. It is available at, on the App store and Google Play.

Cryptocurrency portfolio management: where are we at?

Investors spend a significant amount of time consulting multiple trading platforms (Bittrex, Binance, Cryptopia, HitBTC, Blockchain, Ledger, Coin exchange, etc.) to obtain the average purchasing cost of cryptocurrencies, realized profits and unrealized gains in a unique reference currency. These alternative currencies do not have a legal-tender status: their value is not fixed to the price of raw materials or other currencies. More than 1,700 cryptocurrencies have been developed since 2011, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, IOTA, Ethereum classic, NEO, among others.

What value does Coqonut bring?

The Coqonut application was developed to overcome the lack of reliable and consolidated financial information. It was created as a cryptocurrency management platform for individual and professional investors. As such, it allows for easy navigation through the world of crypto assets, combining reliable and exhaustive data on the behaviour of all identified cryptocurrencies. Since Coqonut was designed to be integrated with existing management systems in APIs, it enables financial services to have a tool at their disposal that offers reliable, exhaustive and high-quality information on all their investments.


HighWayToMail mixes technology and data mining to analyze email uses and communication flows.

Our solution, based on a proprietary technology, allows meaningful analysis with endless variations:

  • email information is a golden source, available, standardized, unlimited and hassle-free thanks to our technology
  • the magic mix of market intelligence, data mining & statistics, and strategy combined all together can tell much more about an individual or an organization than any other analysis

With HighWayToMail, it is no longer necessary to open an e-mail to know what is inside or why it has been received…

HighWayToMail uses email flows to bring a totally disruptive view on corporate operations

Individual Performance: Design the profile of employee based on their email uses through statistical analysis of emails received and sent

Operational Efficiency: Understand how information flows between users to streamline organization through data visualization of email flows

Real-time Risk Monitoring: Detect in real time special event to assess operational risk or to anticipate crisis through Behavioral analysis & Data mining

For more information on HighWayToMail, click here.


Project Inthanon is a collaborative milestone led by the Bank of Thailand, a technology partner R3 and 8 participating banks

Inthanon will explore the implications and the potential benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to enhance efficiency of the Thai financial market infrastructure. The BOT and the participating banks will collaboratively design and develop a proof-of-concept prototype for wholesale funds transfer by issuing wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (Wholesale CBDC). The prototype will be built on Corda, a DLT platform developed by R3.

Scope of Project Inthanon Phase 1

Project Inthanon Phase 1 will involve the BOT and the participating banks in collaboratively designing, developing and testing a proof-of-concept prototype for domestic wholesale funds transfer by using wholesale CBDC. Key payment functionalities such as liquidity saving mechanism and risk management will also be developed and tested during this phase. Project Inthanon Phase 1 is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2019.

Next Steps

Building upon the findings and outcomes from Phase 1, the project participants aim to further develop the capabilities of the prototype for broader functions including third party funds transfer and cross-border funds transfer.

For the BOT press release, click here.

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