ALPHA is an accelerator focused on investing in technologies in financial services. Without being limited to specific technologies, the accelerator favors the projects that have proven use cases, accompanying them from the prototype stage to the “go to market” stage

CH&Co. on Alpha

Successful Case Studies

Coqonut is the first cryptocurrency “fast-track” project completed by ALPHA. The Coqonut project was suggested to ALPHA in January 2018 at its inception stage. The team was looking for wealth management skills, that proved difficult to find in the market...


HighWayToMail mixes technology and data mining to analyze email uses and communication flows. With HighWayToMail, it is no longer necessary to open an e-mail to know what is inside or why it has been received…


Project Inthanon is a collaborative milestone led by the Bank of Thailand, R3 and 8 banks to explore the implications and the potential benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to enhance efficiency of the Thai financial market infrastructure...

About CH&Co. and its innovation ecosystem

CH & Co. is an independent consulting firm present internationally through its eight offices in Europe, Asia and North America (Paris, Geneva, London, Frankfurt, New York, Montreal, Hong Kong, Singapore). Specialized in Management Consulting for today’s and tomorrow’s Financial Services, the firm assists private banks, investment banks, insurance companies and mutuals in their projects. CH & Co. offers Financial Services stakeholders an Innovation in Open Ecosystem offer around three structuring dimensions: “transformative” innovation through ideation, intrapreneurship and creative design programs for employees; “niche” innovation as a community leader around a financial center, and “breakthrough” innovation by opening up new solutions outside the company.

To meet the needs its clients, CH & Co. has created, in addition to its agile change management methods and the CH Alliance (300 experts:, an “End-to-End Innovation” ecosystem:

  • An ALPHA accelerator, from ideation to industrialization and the commercialization of new solutions, with a pool of more than 2000 innovative start-ups called Fintank (;
  • A Lab offering Proof of Concept / Minimum Viable Product capabilities internally and to clients;
  • The “Smart Automation” center of expertise; and
  • Debt, Equity and Tokenization (ICO) financing service.
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